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Invoicing Process Changes or Notes

May 2020 - New CARES Act invoices are now available in our billing system. These are to invoice for services provided under the CARES act for agencies contracted with these funds.

January 2017 - Invoices throughout the system now include a location breakout. This location code will be "ALL" except for those providers which serve multiple counties.

In addition, NSIP reporting is now available for those who are contracted for this program.

February 2016 - The Senior Connection Center uploads CIRTS data to this site once per month typically during the morning hours of the 8th *.

* Note that if the 8th falls on a Saturday, then the data will be uploaded on the 7th. If the 8th falls on a Sunday, then the data will be uploaded on the 9th.

Once we have uploaded the data, we will send an email to all providers informing you of the upload.  Providers will then have until the 10th to sign in and process their monthly invoices.

For more details on this change, please click here.

If you have any technical issues with this site, please email us at mis@sccmail.org.